Sure it looks nice, but if all the parts aren’t clicking, it won’t get you anywhere fast…

Rolling out ERP solutions takes a great deal of time, planning and resources. When you’re attempting to execute the solution with in-house staff, other goals and initiative will inevitably suffer. Not to mention the learning curve that might exist.

With SNG Corporation on your team, you’ll be able to rely on experienced ERP consultants who have rolled out ERP solutions for dozens of clients. We can help you identify the right solution for your specific needs, and even customize it, if needed. Our team will help you reduce the time to deployment, the cost and drain on internal resources that an effective roll-out requires. And we’ll be there for you, post-launch, with ongoing support.

And ERP solutions will touch virtually every aspect of your business, so a well-executed launch is critical. From discovery and planning, to development, testing and deployment, to ongoing support, SNG has you covered.