The Cloud - Any Way You Want It

Deploying business applications in the cloud delivers both short and long-term benefits, including cost savings, improved agility, and faster innovation—but only if your cloud is enterprise-grade.

Oracle’s Cloud Applications are a complete and modular set of enterprise applications, engineered from the ground up to be cloud-ready and to coexist seamlessly in mixed environments. With Oracle enterprise-grade cloud applications, you get the benefits of cloud — plus more power, more choice, and more confidence.

SNG Corporation, an Oracle Silver Partner, will work with you to develop cloud applications that deliver rich, proven functionality spanning your complete business processes with a consistent, optimized user experience, and integrated information and reporting.

More Power. Oracle cloud applications deliver rich, proven functionality that spans complete business processes. This is combined with a consistent and optimized user experience and integrated information and reporting. We have also empowered business users to easily change and customize their experience.

More Choice. Oracle cloud customers have tremendous choice on how they consume our cloud applications. Whether in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, you can deploy our applications any way you want, with the flexibility to adapt your strategy to changing business requirements. This includes cloud portability so you are never locked in.

More Confidence. No other cloud provider has made the level of investment on a global scale that Oracle has made to protect and secure your information in the cloud and to offer accountability at every layer of the technology stack. Oracle delivers confidence that your cloud is protected and will perform as expected. As an Oracle Cloud Services and SNG Corporation client, you’ll be backed by the latest security and performance technologies, and proven processes that offer extreme scale and flexibility.